Jobra Metall GmbH company history

1984 Company established by Josef Brandstetter
1984 Distribution company Thöni, Aluminum profiles
1986 Distribution company Schwarz, Aluminum cast parts
1987 Metal fabrication and fitting / assembly in Anton-Henneka-Haus Gelbersdorf
1989 Metal fabrication Landshuter Werkstetten and fitting / Assembly in Gelbersdorf
1992 Jobra Metall GmbH established in Rottenburg
1995 Christian Brandstetter becomes Managing Director
1995 Start-up of the first plastic injection molding machine in im Anton-Henneka-Haus in Gelbersdorf
1995 New office opened in Richard-Wagner-Str.64 in Rottenburg
1995 Start-up of pad-printing machine
2000 Punching shop built in Anton-Henneka-Haus Gelbersdorf
2002 New manufacturing facility and offices built in Rottenburg Dieselstraße 25
2002 Company relocates to new manufacturing facility and offices in Rottenburg Dieselstraße 25
2006 Jobra Sport department established
2008 Re-organization of new store and assembly facilities in Rottenburg Dieselstraße 25